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Bachelor study


From the academic year 2020/2021 you can apply for the following study program:

Duration of study: 3 years, full-time form

Title: Bachelor, Bc. (equivalent to BSc.)

Do you want to gain expertise in the field of electrical engineering, information technology?
Learn how different electronic devices work. Find out how radio, telephone and TV communications work. Find out how to make and program a robot or where do we encounter microprocessor, communication and control technology.

Are you interested in modern transport systems?
You will learn what lies in the drive of an electric vehicle, how to design it, mathematically model, simulate and revive it. Learn more about electrical machine technology, power converters or control system programming. Find out more about using PC technology to design electrical equipment or model electrical and thermal conditions inside the equipment. We will bring closer to the possibilities of production, distribution and use of electricity.

Do you want to gain an overview in electrical engineering and at the same time learn about business, process management, economics and legislation?
You will know the company management should act, how to solve problems, how to argue and what management tools to use at work.

Not sure if you want to focus directly on electronics or power systems?
The study branch Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers a wider range of knowledge given by the possibility of greater choice of courses with regard to the planned future practice or follow-up Master study.

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