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Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications (KAE)


Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications guarrantees study of Electronics and Telecommunication (bachelor), Electronics and Communication Technology (master), Electronics and Applied Informatics (master), Telecommunication and Multimedia Systems (master) and Transportation Electrical Engineering (master, specialization Communication and Security Engineering). Since the academic year 1996/7, another focus of "Automotive Electronics" has been offered. These are all courses that are developing very fast and require all teachers to keep track of all the news and constant study.

Introducing new curricula and new subjects means increased workload for all employees. Still, the field of research and development has been successful as well. The department staff have had a total of 62 publications; in the form of contracts they have worked on development for 4 companies (Škoda Auto a.s., Kostal s.r.o., EBIS Engineering SRN, ZAT a.s. divize Controls).

A very important event of the department is the organization of the annual international conference Applied Electronics. This is a meeting of experts in a wide range of applied electronics. Every year, up to 100 contributions are presented. The conference is technically sponsored by IEEE, The IEE and is attended by experts from around the world - from Slovakia, USA, England, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Romania, India.


Phone: 377 634 201
Fax: 377 634 202
Mail: kae@kae.zcu.cz


Section of Electronics
OTM Section of Telecommunications and Multimedia

Areas of scientific activity

  • computer designs of analog and digital systems
  • development of special computer cards
  • development of single-chip microcomputer devices
  • use of programmable logical FPGA fields, simulation and programming in VHDL
  • programming in assembler and C, development of application programs for single-chip microcomputers
  • implementation of artificial intelligence systems and neural network
  • development of pulse power technology, charging technology and inverter systems
  • digital signal processing, applications with signal processors
  • development of electronic equipment for medical purposes
  • development of special measuring systems with very low power consumption
  • the issue of electromagnetic compatibility of electronic control and signaling systems
  • research on means for proving safety of railway safety systems
  • processing and transmission of data, audio and video signals
  • telecommunication systems