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Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Environmental Engineering (KEE)


The department has a long-term tradition with preparing experts in the field of electrical and thermal production, transmission, distribution and use of electrical energy, electrical equipment, high-voltage technology and EMC. Last but not least, the department's activities are also focused on the environmental aspects of the energy industry, especially on the use of renewable energy sources and their integration into energy systems. The department cooperates closely with major power industry companies not only in the preparation of the future energy experts, but also in the framework of their scientific and development activities.

  • the winner of the Energy Globe Award 2008 (Ecological Oscar) in the Youth category for Renewable Energy Minipark project, serving for research and educational purposes
  • an active member of the CENEN association of educational institutions (Czech Nuclear Education Network)


Phone: 377 634 301
Mail: kee@kee.zcu.cz
OEE Section of Electrical Power Engineering
OTK Section of Environmental Engineering
OVN Section of Electrical Apparatus and High Voltage Systems

Areas of scientific activity

  • mathematical modeling and simulation of operational and fault states in the power system
  • reliability and quality of the supplied power
  • influence of production and transmission of electricity on the environment
  • concept and design of digital protection in the power system
  • the use of alternative energy sources
  • creation of software prediction of short-term voltage drops
  • optimizing energy conversion
  • calculations and measurements of lighting systems
  • electrothermal technology
  • influences of the power system on communication lines and piping systems
  • resistance to electromagnetic interference EMC
  • analysis of switching processes, research of contact resistances
  • development in the field of high-voltage technology, partial discharges
  • measurement of overvoltage and diagnostics of surge protectors