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Department of Electromechanical Engineering and Power Electronics (KEV)


The Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics (KEV) continues the tradition of one of the oldest programmes of the historical University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (VŠSE), a field of high-voltage current electrical engineering. Its history dates back to 1960. Relating to the development of the whole VŠSE, its transformation into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and gradual development of the focus of individual departments, KEV's activity is currently focused on the development of electric machines, their control and the design of complete drives for special purposes. It is the possibility of designing a complete drive which makes KEV a unique Central European department, sought after by a number of foreign partners.


Phone: 377 634 401
Mail: kev@kev.zcu.cz
ODT Section of Transport Systems
OMS Section of Electromechanical Systems
OVE Section of Power Electronics and Control Systems

Areas of scientific activity

  • electromagnetic design of electric machines
  • measuring and testing of electrical machines
  • modeling of electric machines and their simulation
  • research and development of semiconductor convertors and drives
  • design of power components of convertors
  • design of the control of convertors
  • measuring and testing of convertors
  • measuring the influence of convertors and semiconductor elements on the electricity network
  • modeling and simulation of drives with power convertors
  • measuring the influence of machines and drives on the electricity network
  • design of electrical equipment of vehicles