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Mobility - students

We announce the second round of the admission procedure for ERASMUS+.

The deadline for applying is by April 10, 2020.

Do you know that students FEE UWB can study one to two semesters at the ERASMUS+?

Yes, and it's simple - you get the money, we recognize the courses, we help you with paperwork, and you get an experience that changes your life.

The next term of the admission procedure for study at foreign universities within European and non-European countries will be published on this website.

How to apply:


1) Choose country, the university and the semester. List of contracting universities is here.

2) Fill in the Application form, write ERASMUS+ in the note.

3) Send a motivation letter and CV in the format EUROPASS, both in English language to the email address: inter@fel.zcu.cz.

For questions, please contact Mobility Coordinator Jan Michalík.